My order is going to the wrong address. Help!

If you've entered your address wrong, or forgot to have your order shipped to an address that is different than the billing address, there are a few things you can still do after your order ships so long as it shipped via UPS.
  • The first is to let it continue on. If the address is fine, but the postal code is incorrect, UPS may auto correct it in transit.
  • You can request to have the address changed. This normally costs $12.00 or more depending on the weight of your package. The easiest way to change the address is to create a log-in on, view the tracking information for your package, and then click the change delivery button. You can also try contacting UPS as well at (800) 742-5877.
  • You can request that UPS hold your order at Will Call for pick up. This request can be filled either by you on-line or by us here at Bramble Berry. 
If your order shipped with USPS Postal, there isn't a way to change the address in transit or to recall it back to Bramble Berry! If it does end up returning to us, we will refund the order within 10 days back to the method of payment. 
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