Freight Forwarder

For international customers who choose to use a freight forwarding company, please note the final destination for this order is a US address. Once it is delivered to the forwarder in the US, our role in the transaction is finished. Any further destination beyond what is listed as the ship to address on the order is the purchaser's or freight forwarders responsibility. 

Many times, to complete the shipment from your side, you need extra documentation. We are happy to provide our general soap supplies NAFTA, the commercial invoice for the order, and/or the MSDS for all the items on your order that have one. We are not able to fill out a Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SRI), change the invoice in any way, or amend our NAFTA certificate to fit your order. 

Please note: asking Bramble Berry to list your products in an internationally bound shipment as a "gift" is illegal and not something we will do. 

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