The Color Red in Cold Process Soap

True red may be the most elusive yet coveted color in cold process soap making. We have a few different recipes you can try in order to find the red you are looking for. 

Otion, our retail store, teaches many classes on cold process soap-making. They have a favorite blend of Brick Red Oxide, Merlot Mica and Red Mica. They say it's mostly the Brick Red with a touch of Merlot and a touch of Red. Mix that together in oil first and then add it to your CP. If you think it's too orange...add more Merlot.

A customer of ours also donated this recipe: a bit of Cellini Red, with a bit of Brick Red Oxide mixed in with Countryside Red Lab Color. If you use just a little bit of the Red LabColor you should not have any bleeding (just use a super small usage rate).

Here’s a link to our Cheery Holiday soap that has a great red combination as well.

Another wonderful deep red (our favorite) can be found in our CPOP Swirl recipe.

If you have any other questions, or have a questions about a specific color, just ask us and we would be more than happy to help you out!
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