Temperature Parameters for Molds

As soap making is a chemical process which generates heat, the heat capacity for items used in the making of soap is of paramount importance. These are the temperature ratings for our soap molds.

• 3D molds: 194 degrees F (90 C) is the absolute limit before they will warp, we recommend pouring at a lower temperature if possible. For hot process soap making, the molds can take oven temperatures of 165-180 F (73-82 C). Make sure that the mold does not touch the inside of the racks of the oven as the direct heat could warp or melt the mold.

• Heavy Duty and ELF Molds:  180 (82 C) degrees F is the highest temperature they can take for poured soap, 165 (73 C) degrees F in the oven

• Flexible Molds (clear single cavity): Up to 220 (140 C) degrees F.

• Aloha Molds: Recommended pour temp is 140 (60 C) degrees F.

• Milky Way Molds: Up to 145 (62 C) degrees F pouring temperatures.

• 12-Bar Silicone Molds: Can handle up to 446 (230 C) degrees F.

• Cube Silicone Molds: Can handle up to 200 (104 C) degrees F.

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