Natural Colorants

We have lots of natural colorant options to choose from. Our Micas and Oxides are considered nature identical meaning they are the exact same chemical structure as the platelet minerals found in the earth. They are, however, created in a lab so they are not 100% natural as many other companies claim. Processing in a lab keeps the bad stuff, like lead for example, out of the colorants. Industry wide, micas and oxides are labeled as natural in all types of mineral makeup and kits for this reason because they are nature identical and many don't contain any synthetic dyes. 

Also the word 'natural' is not well regulated or defined in the soap and cosmetic industry. Our micas and oxides that aren't considered natural would be the ones that contain dyes such as the Cellini Red Mica, which contains D&C Red 7. This is readily visible on the product description, under the INCI description. Copper Penny Mica on the other hand, only contains "mica and iron oxides", which both readily occur in nature so it is considered 'natural'.

As another example, the INCI for Red Blue Mica is "Carmine, Titanium Dioxide and Mica". Carmine comes from the crushed shells of beetles so this mica is also considered natural (although it wouldn't be vegan). If the INCI is not listed for a mica, it is implied that the only ingredient would be 'mica' and the same goes for oxides. If no INCI is listed, the ingredient would be 'oxide'. Since oxides like titanium dioxide are industry wide accepted as natural, our opaque melt and pour bases are still considered all natural.

Some of our liquid colorants are just our oxides diluted in a vegetable based glycerin so, using the same definition of natural, they would fall under that category as well. If you want colorants that are derived straight from the earth and not synthetically created, I would suggest using colorants from our Herbs and Botanical section, we have some 100% natural powders and clays that can be used as natural colorants:

Also be sure to check out our Natural Colorant E-Book for more helpful tips and tricks on naturally coloring your soap.

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