Samples:  We give a free fragrance oil sample with every order that is not USPS Flat rate 25 pound soap blocks. Normally this sample is our featured scent for the month which is shown on the Bramble Berry homepage at, but if you want something else, you can request a sample of a specific fragrance.  Simply leave a note in the 'notes,' section on your order and we will include the request in your shipment.
Essential oils and colorants are not included as free samples. 
I am so sorry but we cannot ship samples independent of orders. Offering "Free" Samples (and shipping for those samples) merely means that the cost will be absorbed into our product line, raising the prices. We offer affordable 2 oz. sizes, perfect for testing. We do not have a minimum order and are happy to include one ½ ounce sample with every order placed.
Sniffy Samples: If you're interested in receiving a sniffy of any of our fragrance oils, (an absorbent cotton strip, dipped in fragrance, and sealed in a mini Ziploc baggie) please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the fragrance you'd like to smell written on a note inside. Please send a SASE for each scent you are interested in (so as not to co-mingle the scents) and keep in mind that all fragrances smell different in the final product so for best test results, take advantage of the small 2 oz. sizes we offer for purchase of the fragrances.
Because of the extra labor involved, please do not request sniffy samples with your actual order. You are welcome to request a free ½ oz. sample of fragrance with your order, however by leaving a note or by emailing us.
Please note that we cannot offer free samples of essential oils.
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