Sniffy Samples: If you're interested in receiving a sniffy of our fragrance oils, (an absorbent cotton strip, dipped in fragrance, and sealed in a baggie) please send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the fragrance you'd like written on the inside flap. Send a self addressed stamped envelope for each scent you are interested in (so as not to co-mingle the scents). All fragrances smell different in the final product so for best test results we have the small 2 oz. sizes for purchase.

Because of the extra labor involved, please do not request sniffy samples with your actual order. Sniffy Samples are filled as we can. This means it can take up to 15 days for a sniffy sample request to be filled. 

Samples:  On the next to last page during check out, you'll be offered up to 6 different products  as our current sample options. The more you purchase, the more samples you get. 

If you spend:

$1 - $124 you get one sample

$125 - $249 you get 2 samples

$250 and up you get 3 samples

The free gifts show up a bit differently on orders. While you may not see it listed on your order confirmation,  it has been added to your order.

If you're missing your sample look in the grey foam packaging -- we roll them up in there. If you still can't find your sample, let us know.  


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