Removing Your Soap from the Mold

Are you having trouble getting your soap out of your mold? The Heavy Duty molds are really durable, so you can apply a good amount of pressure to them. First 
off, make sure that your soap has fully dried, at least 12-24 hours for melt & pour soap. Soap that has not fully dried tends to be a little sticky and difficult to un-mold. 

Here’s what you should do: flip the mold over, tug on the sides from underneath to release the "air lock", and push on the back your thumbs. You can also wiggle it a little by twisting the mold from side to side to help break the seal between the soap and mold. As a last resort, you can pop your soap in the freezer for 5 - 10 minutes. Don't leave it in there too long though, or your soap will begin to sweat!

If you’re making cold process in these molds you’ll need to let the soap cure and harden for at least 1-2 weeks before attempting to un-mold. Cold process takes longer to harden and dry in these molds since there’s no air flow.
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