Problems with Accelerated Trace

There are some tricks and techniques to help slow down trace:

  • Work with lower temperatures. Try mixing your lye up in advance so it has time to cool. Some soapers mix the day before and have everything at room temperature when they soap.
  • Don't use your stick blender as much (try just whirling it for 10 seconds and then using the blender like a spoon and whirling again intermittently as needed). We often hand stir fragrances in with a whisk.
  • Make sure your recipe has a majority of oils that are liquid at room temperature, like olive oil or canola oil.
  • Pre-mixing with a little liquid oil before adding at trace may help as well.
  • Do not water discount.
  • Do not use Pomace Olive Oil or use a high percentage of Palm kernel Flakes.

If your soap develops problems you may still be able to save it with quick action. Follow the steps recommended in, “Hot Process Hero,” and hopefully you can hot process it out! 

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