Password Recovery

If you cannot recall your password you can instantly get a new password at anytime by following these instructions:


  1.  Click My Account in the upper right hand corner of the website and then SIGN IN
  2.  Under Returning Customers, click on I forgot my password
  3.  Enter your email address that is registered with Bramble Berry, then click NEXT
  4.  Check your email. There will be an email from us with a link to reset your password. 
  5.  After you click on the link, you will be able to reset your password. 


Tips to keep in mind:

  • Remember that the password must be 8 characters long.
  • You may not use any of your previous 3 passwords.
  • You may not reuse any passwords within the last 10 days.
  • The password must include at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter and non-letter.
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