How to use the Fragrance Calculator

Our handy fragrance calculator is an awesome tool to determine the proper amount of fragrance oils and/or essential oils to add to your project. Here is a link to our fragrance calculator:
1.) Enter in what you are making (eg. cold process, melt and pour, lotion, candles etc...)
2.) Enter in how much (in weight) you are planning on making, in total. The ending weight of your entire project (that means the oil+ water + lye.)
3.) Choose the fragrance oil or essential oil you are planning on using. 
**Because we carry so many fragrances, we cannot fit all of them into the fragrance calculator. =) If you cannot find your specific fragrance, you can choose a similar fragrance on the calculator and it will give you the same results.

Example: Using Earl Grey Lemon in your soap recipe? Not in the Fragrance Calculator? Input Black Tea instead!
On the fragrance oil recommendation page you will see a link that says Buy This Oil. This link will take you to the description of the fragrance which will also have performance notes such as whether the FO discolors, rices, or accelerates. 
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