How to use the Fragrance Calculator

Here is a link to our fragrance calculator:
  • Start typing the fragrance name in the text box. You will see it auto populate with possible fragrances. Choose on the one you want and then click next. 
  • Click in the box labeled What are you making? to see the pull down menu. Choose the closest product to the one your making. 
  • Enter in the box labeled Amount how much you are planning to make. This would be the total batch or the yield. Then, in the box labeled Units, select ounces or grams. Click Next.

The next page will have our fragrance amount recommendation. 

On the fragrance oil recommendation page you will see a link that says Buy This Oil. This link will take you to the description of the fragrance which will also have performance notes such as whether the FO discolors, rices, or accelerates. 
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