Shipping is based on weight and distance from Bellingham WA in the Pacific Northwest. Our shipping costs are exact and any savings discount we get from the carriers, we pass down to you. Unlike other companies, we do not build the shipping costs into our products in order to offer better shipping rates. Because we pass our savings to you, our shipping costs are better than what you would find online (with USPS or UPS) if you were to ship it yourself. 
We primarily ship through UPS ground, and USPS though we do have FedEx available. Just leave a note on your order after you place it to ship with FedEx instead. 
We also ship via 2nd Day Air, but not all items are approved for air transport. If you are not seeing a 2nd Day Air option, look for the "ground only" or "low flashpoint" message in the product description as you may have a restricted item in your cart. 
If you are getting a "no shipping methods available" error message, that means you most likely have a restricted item in your cart with a conflicted address. This often happens when one tries to ship a restricted item internationally or to a PO Box.
We do have USPS flat rate boxes available upon request. Because not everything can travel via USPS, please do call or email us to request a change to flat rate. Here are the prices.
USPS Large Flat Rate: $20.65
USPS Medium Flat Rate: $15.65
USPS Small Flat Rate: $8.70
For more detailed information on Bramble Berry shipping guidelines:
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