Fragrances and Colorants in Candles

Any of our fragrances that are used in soap can be used in candles (except for the Pink Grapefruit and Pineapple Cilantro- they do not smell very good when burned in a candle). Because the fragrance oils are not specifically designed for candles, make sure you do a small test batch of the fragrance oil in the candle to make sure you like the scent when the candle is burning. 

We do have candle specific fragrance oils which have been designed and tested for use in candles. Here’s a link to all of our fragrance oils that are specifically designed for candles. They are meant to be burned and have a great scent throw.

The best colorant to use in candles is a wax dye block. Micas do not burn very well in candles. Oxides are technically ok to use but we have found them troublesome to mix in, so please do a small batch to make sure that you like the final look of the candle.

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