International Shipping

Bramble Berry is happy to ship packages internationally including Canada, Mexico and overseas. We recommend shipping via UPS International for the fastest, most reliable service, but we are happy to ship via USPS International as well. 

All shipping prices are determined by the weight and size of your package.To get a quote, simply place your items in your shopping cart, view the cart, enter your country on the right hand side and then press calculate.  

There are a few things to remember as an international customer: 

  • Shipping costs do not include any duties, customs, brokerage and other fees.  You will have to arrange to pay those yourself. Any packages that are returned due to unpaid duties will have the product price automatically refunded minus the return shipping costs.  
  • Some items cannot be shipped internationally and it is the customer's job to know what they can receive by calling their own customs department.  The kind of items that are most likely denied entry are colors, herbs and botanicals, and low flashpoint fragrances.  
  • We can no longer ship to Russia, Nigeria, Italy or Greece due to import/export regulations.   
  • Shipments to Brazil require a Tax ID number for private individuals and businesses. 
  • Many countries either have a monetary cap on how much product can be imported or require a business license.  
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