Flavoring Oils

Flavoring oils differ from fragrance oils in that they are specially made for lip balms and lip sticks. It is very important to use flavoring oils and NOT fragrance oils in your lip balms. Fragrance oils can be harmful if accidently ingested. Flavor oils are basically lip-safe fragrance oils. They are perfectly fine for use in soaps, lotions and other cosmetic products. However, it does not work the other way around.

The sweetened flavors are pre-sweetened with saccharin and will taste sweet when you lick your lips. You might find that the unsweetened flavor oils need a little sweetener added to get your desired flavor. Try adding some bleached Stevia as a natural sweetening agent:

We also carry a Lip Smacking Sweet Flavoring Oil, which can be used at a 1-3% usage rate in your recipe:

Here is a link to all of our awesome flavoring oils:

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