Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil Usage Rates

If you aren't near our Fragrance Calculator, here is a general guide to the usage rates for our fragrance oils and essential oils:
• Cold Process Soap - 0.45 oz. per pound
• Melt and Pour Soap - 0.25 oz. per pound
• Rebatch Soap - 0.3 oz. per pound 
• Lotion - 0.2 oz. per pound
• Liquid Soap - 0.3 oz. per pound
• Salts - 0.3 oz. per pound
• Candles - 0.5 oz. per pound 
Also, here is a link to our Fragrance calculator to figure out a specific fragrance's usage rate:
**Because we have over 200 fragrance oils and essential oils, we cannot fit all of them into the calculator, so if you cannot find your specific scent, it's okay. Use a similar scent and it will give you the same results.
Example: Using Earl Grey Lemon in your soap recipe? Not in the Fragrance Calculator? Input Black Tea instead! 
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