Damaged, Missing or Wrong packages


Damaged package - please include photos of both the damaged items and the packaging. If the item is a spilled liquid, we may ask you to weigh the bottle so that we can know how much is lost. That way we can file a claim for you and get your replacements out the door.  

Missing package - If your order doesn't show up, we will handle all of the claim paperwork and help to get you a refund. Once a claim is opened, UPS will try and contact you for more information and your claim will be denied if they are not able to get a hold of you.

Wrong Item - please double check your order when you receive it and if you have a wrong or missing item contact us immediately. We'll send you via email a prepaid return label and send the correct item to you. Sometimes we are able to sell you the incorrect item at a discount. Feel free to ask us if this is possible. 

Short Filled Liquids - We sell all of our liquids by weight and not volume.This means heavier liquids (like the sodium lactate) will not fill the bottle, while lighter oils (like the 10X Orange) may fill the bottle to the top. If you weigh your fragrance oil in the bottle with the cap and discover that you have less than the purchased amount, please let us know. We would be happy give you a credit for the balance. Here is a Soap Queen blog that explains more in depth about weight vs. volume.
To start the claim process for either missing or damaged packages, please either call us at 1.877.627.7883 or email

BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS! You are responsible for any reshipping costs for orders with an incorrect address.

All international shipping issues will be resolved with a refund back to the original method of payment once claims have been settled. Please let us know if you have an issue right away and send pictures if you are able. 

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