Do we test our fragrances?

All of our fragrance oils are tested in Cold Process and Melt and Pour soap. We include testing notes in the description of each fragrance such as "accelerates trace" or "caused ricing" as appropriate. Our testing is in now way a replacement for doing your own batch testing since our recipes may not be the same as yours.  

Soap molds have been tested with melt and pour soap and in general, are rated to 140 (Milky Way Molds) to 160 (Heavy Duty Molds). Plastic soap molds cannot be placed in the dishwasher or stove; they will melt.

Our fragrances are, for the most part, considered safe for candles, both wax and gel candles (as well as soap, bath fizzies, bath salts, and all manner of toiletry products). As we have not tested specifically for clouding or polarity in gel candles or throw for wax candles, we do recommend that you test all the fragrances in your particular blend of wax and wick before selling your candles.


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