MSDS and other documentation.

MSDS are attached to the online description for all products that have them. To access the document, all you have to do is click on the cloud icon next to the word MSDS in the product description. To view or print out the MSDS you will need to use Adobe Acrobat (a free program). 

We are only required to supply the MSDS and that all other documents are based on availability. Please note that CofAs are only available for products ordered within the last 6 months and are not available for sample products or sizes.  IFRAs and EU Allergens are not always on hand, but we are happy to email the vendor for what we don't have. We will only provide documents for products you have already ordered. When requesting them please include the order number.

Sometimes you just need a lot number on a product. While our product labels don't normally carry a lot number, we would be more than happy to send them to you. Just leave a note on your order asking is for the lot numbers for the products in question. You can also email your request to: 

MSDS: This document has the clean up and transportation instructions including DOT standards. If there is any legislation about the product such as a Prop 65 warning it will have that too. There are two sections to note, Section 3 has the hazardous material list and section 9 has the characteristics like specific gravity. Please remember, the MSDS assumes a 100% usage rate and most cosmetics use much less. 

IFRA:  This has acceptable usage rates for our fragrance oils. IFRA stands for International Fragrance Association and while they aren't a governing body, they are highly respected. Here's their website for more information:  Please note, we cannot provide IFRA Documents for essential oils. 

Certificate of Analysis (CofA): This document features the technical data about the item along with the date of manufacture and the chemical breakdown. We will not send CofAs with any sample products. 

EU Allergen: These are statements that list the known problematic elements in a fragrance formulation. It has a percentage concentrate of each present element, but should not be taken as a complete listing of the fragrance oil compounds. It should have the same if not similar information as Section 3 on the MSDS.

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