I forgot something. Can I add to my order?

We are able to change your order (including additions, removals and specific sample requests) at any time before your order reaches the warehouse. Once your order status says Order To Warehouse we are unable to make any changes as your order should ship soon.

The easiest way to request an order change is to email us at or by leaving a note on your order. Since chat can be so busy, we are unable to process changes to your order while on chat. 

Because we can only accept one payment per order, we will make a separate order for the additions  which will ship separately and have a unique order number.  Shipping for the additional products is calculated just as if you've added it to your original order and is based on weight and distance from Bellingham WA.  

To pay for it log in to with your user name and password, view the addition order number and then pay for it. Once it's paid, we'll get it to the warehouse for processing.

Here's a few other things to know: 

  • We can only create 1 add-on order with reduced shipping for each original order.  Please remember to include everything you want.
  • Because shipping is based on weight, there is a point where creating an add-on order is more expensive than creating a new one.  Order addition weight seems to top out at 8 pounds of product. 
  • We cannot add to any RUSH, Expedited order including UPS Overnight, UPS 2Day Air or any international order. 


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