Limited or Missing Shipping Options

We ship via UPS Ground, UPS 2 Day Air, USPS Postal and USPS Flat Rate.  

If you are only seeing UPS 2 Day Air or USPS and not the Ground option, there are two possibilities:  

a) There is something in the zip code field other than just the 5 digit zip code.  Look for any extra spaces or the 4 digit extension.  If you tried to check out using PayPal Express, PayPal often fills in the extra 4 digits into the address field without warning. 

b)  The order is larger than 350 pounds in total weight.  Anything that is higher in weight would benefit from having us manually figure out the best shipping method.  

If you are having issues picking the type of shipping you want, you can either email us by selecting the "support" tab on the left side of the page or you can call us at 1.877.627.7883 between 9am and 4pm Pacific Time.  

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