How to set up UPS account -- Change shipping address online

Want to change your shipping address after your order has shipped?  Once the order is in UPS's hands, the easiest way to do that is to log on to your UPS account, view the tracking information and apply changes to the address.  It is free to have your package held at the most local facility for pick up and it costs extra change the address completely which you can pay for online.   

To set up a UPS account: 

1. Go to

2. Choose “United States”

3. In the upper right corner (search field) type My Choice and hit the search arrow

4. This gives you a list of links similar to a google search

5. Choose the first link Enroll in UPS My Choice

6. The link takes you to

7. Hit the Get Started button

8. Hit the Register Now button on the right side of the screen

9. Enter the required fields on the page you are given (address info, etc)

10. Create a user id and password (this becomes their login for

11. Once completed they are officially registered for the address they used

12. If it turns out the customer is not verified for the address UPS will ask a series of authentication questions to confirm they are the person they say they are. Or UPS will mail the customer a security pin to their address which will need to be entered by them to complete registration.

13. After this they will get notifications for shipments to phone and email

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