Soap Packaging: Shrink Wrap

When making soap to sell or give away as a gift you always want it to look polished and professional. Shrink wrapping your soap can help to keep it clean looking and makes it much easier for transport. Shrink wrapping Melt & Pour Soap is important because of the high glycerin content in the soap. It can sweat, have glycerin dew form and become extremely dried out if it is not wrapped after it is done. Bramble Berry makes soap bands, perfect for providing a professional finish to your bar of soap. These come in large and medium sizes and can be found at the links below:


Shrink Wrap Soap Bands – Large 

Shrink Wrap Soap Bands – Medium 

If you don’t have soap bands to shrink wrap your soaps you can use plastic wrap from the grocery store. Below you will find links to our Soap Queen TV episode and blog post reviewing packaging.


Soap Queen TV: Packaging 

5 Tips to Create Professional Looking Soap

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