Liquid Soap

Making liquid soap can be quite the process. It involves mixing oils, water, potassium hydroxide and liquid glycerin (optional) in a crockpot for up to 4 hours! If you are thinking about trying to make your own liquid soap we suggest trying this Liquid Soap Guru Kit. The kit not only comes with all of the needed ingredients to make your soap but also access to an e-book and online video with detailed instructions.


An alternative to making your own liquid soap is buying Liquid Soap Bases. You can also get creative with these pre-made bases. Many soapers enjoy thickening and thinning out our bases to give their liquid soap the consistency they desire. They are also quite versatile and allow you the fun of choosing any color or fragrance you desire to add! If you are curious about liquid soap bases, check out the blog post below:


How to Use and Thicken Liquid Soap Bases

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