Cold Process (CP) Soap -- Cure

After you've made your cold process soap, it's time to cure it. The process of curing CP soap allows the excess moisture in the bars to evaporate, leaving a harder and longer-lasting bar. The earlier a bar is used, the softer and possibly slimier the bar will be in the shower, and the less time it will last. Additionally, the 4 to 6 week curing and drying time helps to produce the most gentle bar of soap possible. You will notice a difference in your skin when showering with a new bar of soap versus a fully cured and dried bar. It’s the final bit of pH lowering that happens in the rest of the 4-6 weeks of curing, and the main benefit of the cure time is the evaporation of excess water, which makes for a harder bar and a more true net weight for labeling purposes if you’re selling your soap. So if you’d like a harder bar, allow your soap to go through the standard 4-6 week cure. Olive oil (and other all liquid type oil based soaps) do have a long cure time and reaches it's peak at 4 to 6 months. 

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